Team Marco - plastaway - plastic organization Berlin



Marco Justus moved to Berlin in 2011 and started his career as a photographer in the fields of commercial portrait campaigns for international clients like Omega, FC Bayern München or Carlsberg. In 2016 he started his major multimedial photo exhibition „Faces Behind The Voices“. The exhibition had over 5,4 millions visitors in 22 cities. Marco Justus also is a social media entrepreneur and strategist equipped with aggressive marketing skills.

Team Oliver - plastaway - plastic organization Berlin

Oliver Schleith


After graduating in graphic design & arts, Oliver began his career in 2006 with his first design studio. He run his first charity projects, bringing together artists and industry, to the benefit of a children’s-hospital in Senegal. 2010 saw his most ambitious project: a sustainable eco-fashion brand together with Matthias Schweighöfer – “German Garment“ was produced in Germany and worn by Jared Leto, Macklemore and many more. 2014 Oliver founded Whitelies: His second design and media agency working along with sustainable fashion designers and artists.

Team Irina - plastaway - plastic organization Berlin

Irina Jäger


Irina started her career as a communication strategy and PR expert back in 2012. Since then, she worked with international, market leading brands in fashion and lifestyle. After maxing out this glamorous yet profit-orientated part of her life, she decided to use her skills to help bring about a change. Living in Berlin, she is „in media res“ and has a short track to other creatives, influencers and opinion leaders in this vibrant city.

Team Felix - plastaway - plastic organization Berlin

Felix Hens


Felix is a freelance journalist based in the world of outdoor sports. Living in Wiesbaden, he roams the globe in search of the best story, picture and interview partners for clients like Mountainbike-Magazines, manufacturers and other outdoor-related brands. For Plastaway he uses his textual skills to help spread the word and tell the story beyond the To-Go-Cups and plastic bags. After years in civil service he now tries to serve the greater good.

Annika Andes-Schöler


Annika is a graphic designer creating and living in Berlin since 2015. She worked for several agencies and a multidisciplinary approach to provide the best output for each and every of her clients. Just like the other members of the team, she uses her abilities to help solve the plastic-crisis. Besides her empathic, humorous and thoroughly personality, her professional skills speak for themselves.

Team Laura - plastaway - plastic organization Berlin

Laura Schölzel


Laura started as an intern of Plastaway but quickly proved her worth by digging in databases and questions of funding an NGO. She is responsible for planning and executing actions and, generally speaking, any projects coming up.