As an independent Non Governmental Organization (NGO) Plastaway relies on the support of it’s community. Only a steady basic funding through donations can sustain our organization and guarantees the provision of accommodation and materials for our campaigns, the collaboration with experts and scientists as well as daily expenses.
So far a team of creatives is working voluntary for a future without plastic. To realize our charitable work nationally and internationally, we rely on a steady basic funding through donations and government aid.
Become part of our community and support us with your contribution – every donation helps. We gladly issue donation receipts for amounts over 200 €. We will publish our achievements on our website as well as on our social media channels and keep you updated about our recent projects – follow our journey!
You’re a company or organization and want to work with or support us? 
Thank you for every little piece of support you give. You are part of our community, part of the solution. You are Plastaway.